The Worst Foods For Acne

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Has your doctor ever told you that your diet has nothing to do with your skin? I asked my Instagram community this question a few days ago and the answers were upsetting – most women have been told by their doctors that their diet does not affect their acne.

I can’t believe we are still being told this information.  At this point, the evidence is irrefutable.  There is a ton of research out there that draws very strong connections between what you eat, the quality and the health of your skin, and your susceptibility to acne.

I’ve worked with thousands of women as a Naturopathic Doctor over the past 15 years and I have seen the effect of diet on acne over and over again.  I have identified nine foods that are potential acne triggers in my best-selling 7 Week Clear Skin Program. Here are the top three:


  • Cow Dairy

Cow dairy contains a hormone called bovine growth hormone. It doesn’t matter if the cow is organic. It doesn’t matter if the milk is lactose free. All cow products contain bovine growth hormones and bovine growth hormone looks remarkably similar to our own human growth hormone, which means it attaches to our growth hormone receptors.  This can trigger the release of insulin-like growth factor which leads directly to androgens (the hormones that cause acne) in susceptible individuals. 

  • Sugar

Sugar triggers insulin levels, and high insulin triggers IGF-1, which leads directly to increased androgens. And the worst thing?  Sugar is highly addictive, and difficult to cut out – but the results are so worth it! 

  • Gluten

There is a strong correlation between the health of the gut and the health of the skin and in many research studies gluten has been shown to be very inflammatory, especially in the gut.  Because gut issues can be a huge underlying factor in acne, avoiding gluten while clearing your skin is important.  Once your gut and skin have healed you may be able to tolerate a small amount of gluten again – but you will have to do a proper Acne Elimination Diet to assess.


So now that I’ve shared the top 3 foods to avoid if you have acne, what about the foods you SHOULD eat?

I am so excited to share my Clear Skin Recipe Collection with you, which contains over 95 Clear Skin Recipes and a 2-week meal plan to help you get started?  Does that sound amazing or what?  No guesswork, no wondering what foods you need to eat to get clear skin!  And all for the amazing price of $47.

It has taken me 15 years to curate and test these recipes with my patients – and they are verified simple, delicious and easy to make.  Ready to learn more?  Click here!

I can’t wait to help you on your Clear Skin Journey – and even more excited that you can start now for only $47.  Be sure to snag this deal while you can – offer expires on Monday!

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