Wash your hair daily to prevent hair loss!

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Wash your hair daily to prevent hair loss!Hair loss is not easy to treat.  Plain and simple.  First, the cause of hair loss has to be determined.  And then, it can take at least 3 months of treatment to notice results!  This can be extremely aggravating for both the patient and the doctor.  After all, most people are just hoping for a pill so the problem can be solved immediately.  Thank you very much.

I have just finished a big research paper on treating hair loss naturopathically, and I am very excited to share some of my treatments with you.

First up, hair washing.  This is totally counter-intuitive if you are shedding.  I have been there myself, after the birth of each of my babies.  My hair was coming out incessantly, and usually in the shower.  So, my first thought – stop showering so much!!  This is panic talking, but when your hair is falling out, that is exactly what you do.  And I see it over and over again.  Hair loss patients stop washing their hair regularly.  But really, is sacrificing hygiene the solution to stopping hair shedding?

The answer is no.  Especially if you are experiencing androgenic alopecia or female pattern hair loss.  In this condition, hair loss is often triggered by excess androgens, or male hormones, circulating through the body and in the hair follicles.  The activated form of the androgens, DHT, is directly responsible for hair loss.  Sebum, or oil, that is secreted onto the scalp, actually contains DHT, and can further aggravate hormone-related hair loss.  So, if you wash your hair every day, you actually decrease the amount of DHT that can contribute to hair loss by decreasing the amount of oil on your scalp.  DO NOT let your hair become greasy.

Of course, work needs to be done from within to reduce the amount of androgens in your body – but I will save that for a later post.  Until then, keep washing your hair!!!  The hairs that fall out during your shower have been in the telogen (falling) stage for awhile.  Washing does not cause hair loss.

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