Are you a vegetarian or vegan with acne? Get your blood type checked!

Vegetarian Or Vegan With Acne

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I spent last week at an amazing yoga ashram, in a state of near bliss.  This ashram follows all the traditional yogic lifestyle habits, including a vegan diet.  For four days, I loved it.  But as I observed all the members of the ashram, I noticed that some were glowing and thriving, and others looked a bit pale, anemic, with bad skin.  I knew right away which ones had Type O blood (the ones with bad skin).  Blood type really does matter when it comes to acne, and I have learned this through both my personal experience and 10 years of clinical practice as a naturopathic doctor. About ten years ago I was barely surviving my fifth year as a vegan.  My skin was a mess, I had chronic headaches, I was always fatigued, and I had major issues sleeping.  I felt as though I was doing so many amazing things for my health – a daily yoga practice, vegan diet, frequent walks in nature – but my skin was getting worse, not better.  Then I came across Dr. D’Adamo’s work on ‘The Blood Type Diet’ and it literally changed my life. Check out my video below to learn more about the Blood Type Diet, and how Blood Type O individuals cannot handle a vegan or vegetarian diet.  Blood Type Os have a high level of stomach acid, designed specifically to digest meat, fish and poultry.  In addition, most  grains, dairy and legumes are not tolerated at all.  This makes being a healthy vegetarian almost impossible!  The ideal diet? About 25% protein and 75% fruits and vegetables (almost vegan LOL). On the other hand, if you have a blood type A or AB, you could easily hang out at a yoga ashram for the rest of your life and have glowing skin the entire time!

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