An unhealthy gut = acne.

An Unhealthy Gut = Acne.

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Do you experience bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation?  Does your stomach sometimes bother you?  If so, chances are that your unhappy gut may be contributing to your acne. For decades naturopathic doctors have associated many health issues with a cantankerous gut, and in the past 5 years scientific research has validated this approach.  A lot of this research has been focused on the microbiome, which is a vast community of trillions of microbes that exist in our gut and on our skin.  The microbes that create the microbiome can be either harmful or beneficial, and a natural balance between the two is essential for human health. When the balance is tipped, however, a larger number of harmful microbes populate the microbiome and chronic inflammation is triggered in the body.  In fact, it is estimated that 90% of all health conditions in the body can be traced back to the inflammation caused by an imbalanced microbiome, or dysbiosis, in the gut.  And – acne is inflammation. The bottom line: in order to reduce inflammation in the body and heal acne, the gut must first be healed.  There are no short-cuts. So, how do you heal the gut?  Healing the gut is one of the pillars of my 7-Week Clear Skin Program.  Naturopathic medicine excels at healing the gut, and I have distilled the process into 4 easy steps:
  1. Remove any substances that may be aggravating the gut.  This includes adopting a whole food diet that eliminates common food allergens and specific foods that contribute to the formation of acne.
  2. Reduce the population of pathogenic microbes that are contributing to inflammation in the body. This is done using a precise herbal protocol that protects the beneficial microbes while eliminating the pathogenic microbes.
  3. Fortify the beneficial microbes.  This is done using appropriate probiotic strains at the right dose.
  4. Heal the gut lining. Inflammation can seriously damage the gut lining, leading to an aggravation of so many symptoms in the body, including acne.  Specific herbs and nutrients are used to soothe and heal any damage caused by inflammation.
An important consideration when healing the gut is that each person must be guided through the process as an individual.  In some cases of dysbiosis, the imbalance is more acute, and a healing crisis may result when treatment is initiated.  In this situation it is important to have the proper guidance to ensure acne does not flare-up even worse! Remember, you cannot heal your acne using topical products and medications.  Acne is a sign of an imbalance in the body, and the only way to truly heal acne is to nourish the body and find balance.  I am here to help you get clear skin.  I know how physically painful and emotional acne can be, and it is my mission to teach women how to take back their power, heal their body from the inside out and clear their skin. xo

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