The missing link for a youthful face

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I have been in the skin care and anti-aging field for over 12 years and rarely have I heard anyone emphasize the importance of strengthening and toning the facial muscles. This is slightly strange, because even if our skin is plump and hydrated, weak facial muscles will lead to drooping eyes, mouth, jowels and cheekbones.  Some believe that this can only be fixed with a face lift.  Wrong. Bottom line: even though taking care of our skin is important, taking care of our facial muscles is just as important.  It is the foundation of a lifted, firm youthful face. For some great tips on how to strengthen your facial muscles, check out my video below. In my 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program I am covering all the basics of how to lift and strengthen your facial muscles, along with the very best strategies to get your best skin ever.  It is totally comprehensive, and it is based on the latest scientific research.  I can’t wait to launch it in a few weeks. In the mean time, check out my FREE 7-Day Anti-Aging Skin Care Challenge by clicking here.  It is a sneak peek into my full program! Sending you love, Dr. Stacey

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