The BEST way to get rid of acne hyper-pigmentation

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Get ready.  This is a super-share.  This is a mega-beauty secret that is going to change your life.

You know those brown spots that are left after an acne blemish heals?  Those spots that never, ever seem to go away?  They are actually called post-acne hyper-pigmentation, and I did an entire post a few months ago that explained how to prevent them from occurring.  Check that article out here.

But if you have pretty much solved your acne problem (and if you have not be sure to check out my 7-Week Clear Skin Program here) and you just need to get rid of the discolouration so you can reveal a bright, even complexion then this post is for you.

You need two things:

  1.  A dermaroller with 0.5mm needles (I love the Dermaroller brand)
  2. A high-quality, professional grade injectible formulated specifically for hyper-pigmentation.  These are not easy to find, but I am really excited to share the one I use with you!  Keep reading…


What does the dermaroller do?

The dermaroller is a roller with tiny needles that is rolled all over the face (see my video below for the exact technique).  It inflicts micro-injuries in the skin, which then stimulates a wound-healing cascade within the body.  This includes the delivery of growth factors to the site of injury, which results in new collagen formation.  Acne scars, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles are all improved with the use of a dermaroller.

But because the dermaroller inflicts tiny wounds into the skin it also creates channels for medicines to penetrate through the skin and into either the epidermal or dermal layer of the skin.  This is huge – because many medicines that can actually heal the skin and prevent aging and pigmentation (ie. hyaluronic acid, silica, kojic acid, arbutin) are not able to penetrate the skin’s barrier effectively.  That’s right – save your money when it comes to expensive topical treatments.

When it comes to specifically treating hyper-pigmentation, using a formula specifically designed to treat hyper-pigmentation along with the dermaroller is key to actually getting the medicine to where it can actually do its job.


What is an injectible?

An injectible is a sterile solution that is specificially formulated to be injected into the skin.  They are designed to be used for mesotherapy.  Mesotherapy, an aesthetic technique that was invented in the 1950s in France, injects small amounts of medicine into the skin to facilitate regeneration, healing and overall beautification.  It is widely used in Europe and South America, and I built a wonderful mesotherapy practice when I first started practicing naturopathic medicine (until my regulating board decided Naturopathic Doctors should not be allowed to do it – major upset).

There are injectible solutions that are designed specifically to get rid of hyper-pigmentation and they include the following ingredients: glutathione, vitamin c, glycolic acid, alpha arbutin, kojic acid and azelaic acid.  They don’t include any chemicals or diluting substances.  Injectibles are pure, active medicine.  The key is to get those ingredients into the skin where they can be effective – and this is accomplished with the dermaroller (when you are not allowed to use a needle, of course)!


Where can you find an injectible to help get rid of hyper-pigmentation?

I am really excited to share the formula that I use with you.  I do not receive any money or compensation for this recommendation – I just really want to help you get rid of your hyper-pigmentation!  Click here to find out where you can find a high-quality injectible for hyper-pigmentation.  And they ship to the USA!


How do I use the derma-roller and injectible together?

Check out the video below – I explain all the deets!


Dr. Stacey




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