The best tests for hormonal acne.

The best tests for hormonal acne.

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As a Naturopathic Doctor treating acne since 2007, I have done a lot of testing with my patients.  I have done it all – blood tests, urine tests, hair tests, saliva tests – and some have them been really helpful and some of them have actually been a waste of my patient’s money.  I have learned a ton over the years.

There are a lot of practitioners out there – NDs, MDs, nutritionists, coaches etc. that are promoting different functional medicine testing.  One of the tests that is being promoted very heavily is the DUTCH test, which stands for the Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones and I am getting a lot of questions about this test from my patients, especially those with hormonal acne.

So I want to answer some of your questions here, and help guide you regarding what tests you should be considering.

Should I get the DUTCH Hormone Test if I have hormonal acne?

Okay, so if you work with me you know I like to dig WAY deeper than the hormonal level.  Yes, a hormonal imbalance will cause acne – but what causes the hormonal imbalance?  This is the question that I am always asking when working with a patient.

With that in mind, the DUTCH test can give us a lot of insight into what hormones are imbalanced but not necessarily WHY the hormones are out of balance.

For this reason, there are a few tests I like to run before I run the DUTCH test with my patients.

What tests should I get done?

  1.  Initially, a good blood work-up is essential and can give us some serious clues as to what might be going on.  In my 7-Week Clear Skin Program I share a list of my recommended Acne Bloodwork values I like to analyze and I also share what these vales can indicate.
  2. Often the underlying cause of hormone imbalance is due to inflammation in the gut and toxicity.  Often I will advise a SIBO breath test, a GI-Mapping Test or a Hair-Mineral Analysis to detect the underlying cause of hormonal imbalance.  The results from these tests tend to be far more actionable than a DUTCH test and really help to solve the underlying imbalances.

When should I get a DUTCH test?

If you are ready to really invest in your health, I suggest running my recommended Acne Bloodwork, GI-Mapping, Hair Mineral Analysis and the DUTCH test all at the same time.  The results will deliver an excellent picture of what is going on and how the imbalances need to be solved.

If your funds are limited I suggest starting with my recommended Acne Bloodwork and either the GI-Mapping or Hair-Mineral Analysis Test, depending on the information that I gather during our 1:1 Intake Appointment. Based on the information we receive from the test results I will be able to craft a really effective protocol for you.

If, after implementing the suggestions from the GI-Mapping and Hair Mineral Analysis testing for 3 months without relief (which is very rare), or if the results from these tests are normal, I suggest doing a DUTCH test.

How do I get testing done?

Most testing is only done through a licensed health-care professional.  If you would like to work with me, I offer a 1:1 Coaching Program and I am able to custom-design a protocol for you based on tests results you may already have, or we can run new testing together.  For more information, send me a message at

Sending you tons of love and I look forward to helping you on your clear skin journey! xoxo

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