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I want to start a revolution and change the way women cultivate their beauty.

You see, I don’t think we are a beautiful culture.  I spend a lot of time watching people walk down the streets and riding the subway in Toronto and I have also spent over 12 years working in one of Toronto’s best dermatology clinics, and I don’t see many glowing, vibrant faces.  Instead, I see a lot of people that are sick, tired and worn out.

In the US and Canada we are currently experiencing a health crisis.  We struggle with a myriad of health problems, including stress, obesity, inflammation, metabolic conditions and fatigue. And it shows up in our faces and bodies.

But we want to be beautiful.  It is our human nature. Cultivating and enjoying physical beauty has been part of the human story since the beginning of recorded history.  The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and Japanese have all developed sacred beauty rituals that were an integral part of their culture.  And we are no different.

But the big difference is that our culture is relying solely on external products and treatments to help us obtain the cultural beauty standards that have been thrust upon us.  The proof is in the numbers.  Globally we spend 140.3 billion dollars per year on anti-aging treatments, and 4.9 billion dollars per year on treatments to clear our skin.

You would think that after spending this amount of money we would all be radiant and glowing.  This is not the case because we are trying to over-ride the symptoms of poor health with expensive treatments that are temporary and do not address the real source of beauty.  I am going to say this again – most beauty treatments do not work or are temporary because they do not address the real source of beauty.

Instead of trying to over-ride the symptoms of poor health with expensive and temporary treatments, it is time to take back our beauty.  It is time to cultivate our beauty from the inside out – because the truth is that health is beauty.

A healthy, vibrant body includes:

  • Clear skin
  • Firm skin
  • Minimal wrinkles
  • Glowing skin – great circulation and detoxification
  • Reduced redness – no inflammation
  • Minimal bags under the eyes
  • A glossy, full head of hair
  • No cellulite

This is health, and this is beauty.  And this should be our normal.

I do not advocate adhering to unattainable cultural beauty standards that have been thrust upon us, but I do advocate finding your own unique beauty through excellent health.  It eliminates the need for expensive, temporary treatments and the only side effect is vibrant energy.

My mission is to teach you how to take back your beauty. When you are healthy you are naturally beautiful.  You cannot buy clear, glowing skin, beautiful hair, minimal wrinkles and boundless energy in a syringe or a bottle.  It can only come from within.

I want to teach you the most recent scientifically proven techniques to optimize your health and aging process.  I want you to look and feel beautiful from the inside out.  And I want you to feel this way for the rest of your life.

A note about beauty products and treatments.  I truly believe that in addition to radiant health, simple natural ingredients from nature are all you need to be radically beautiful.  That is why I do not sell or endorse beauty products (unless I really believe in them).

But there are some amazing beauty treatments out there that can be used judiciously to help augment your already glowing natural state if you choose.   But they should be used as condiments, to enhance your natural health and beauty, instead of the main course.  Do not rely on beauty treatments to cultivate your beauty.  You will not get the best results, you will not get long-term results, and you certainly won’t benefit from the amazing radiance and vitality that you get from true, inner health and beauty.

And one final beauty note – a smile and positive energy is probably the most beautiful thing that you can bring to your beauty journey!

To learn more about how I can teach you to cultivate your inner beauty from within, check out my 7-Week Clear Skin Program and my 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program.


Dr Stacey





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