Naturopathic Beauty’s Hair Loss Program 

I know first-hand the trauma of female hair loss.  It is devastating.

When my hair was falling out in clumps I dove deep into the root causes of hair loss and started treating hair loss patients for many years as a Naturopathic Doctor.  I am currently putting together a Hair Loss Program for Women, to help identify the root cause of hair loss and rebalance the body to stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

This program is the first and only program out there that aims to solve hair loss for good, written by a Naturopathic Doctor (me!) with over 13 years of clinically experience treating hair loss.

Launch date June 2019.  In the mean time, please consider working with me personally to solve your hair loss now.  Click here for more information on my 1:1 Coaching Program.

Case Study:

A.D. had been battling with acne since she was a teenager.  She always thought that it would get better as she got older, but instead she found it getting worse and worse.  A lot of the acne was concentrated around her jaw area and her acne was deep, cystic and painful.  During our initial visit we discussed her diet and lifestyle habits and ran some laboratory tests.  Her lab tests revealed that she had all the markers common in PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), including a high LH:FSH ratio and high testosterone.

We began her treatment by making some simple diet changes, including removing sugar and dairy from her diet.  We also structured her meals so that her insulin levels were stable throughout the day.  Stress was a large part of her life, and I encouraged her to adopt some practices to help her relieve her stress and experience some relaxation daily.  A supplement protocol was also given to her, including herbs to optimize her liver function and reduce her testosterone levels.  Within a few months, A.D.’s acne had pretty much disappeared!

Case Study

L.S. was in her early twenties and battling the worst acne break-out that she could remember.  In fact, just a few months ago her skin had been fairly clear.  On further investigation, it turns out that she had been stressed with exams in the last few months, and her digestion was not working that smoothly.  We went through her diet and made some simple changes, eliminating several foods that are known to aggravate acne.  We also included lots of water and fiber, both of which help reduce constipation.  Within a few days her digestion had returned to normal and within a few weeks her skin was pretty clear.

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