Pregnancy and Acne

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Congratulations!  You’re going to have a baby!

Or… you’re thinking about having a baby.  And acne may or may not be part of that experience.

Some women experience a complete clearing of acne during their pregnancy and assume that coveted ‘pregnancy glow’. And other women struggle with their skin, especially during their first and second trimesters.  

I was one of the lucky ones that found complete relief from my acne during pregnancy – but only after suffering multiple miscarriages and consequently spending months healing my PCOS so I could bring my beautiful baby boy to term.  And indeed, that is THE best tip to avoid pregnancy acne – balance your body before falling pregnant!

But if you are already pregnant and experiencing acne don’t worry – the ‘pregnancy glow’ is within your grasp!

There are four main reason why women experience acne while pregnant:

  1. The placenta and fetus produce androgens (the hormones that actually lead to acne)
  2. The body produces a HUGE amount of progesterone, and high levels have been shown to increase sebum production in some women
  3. Insulin sensitivity increases during pregnancy (which is why gestational diabetes is such a big deal)
  4. The adrenal response is amplified (and we all know that stress can lead to acne)

Although we can never, ever mess with your hormones while you are pregnant – there is so much that can be done to support your organ systems and reduce inflammation to reduce the effect of these factors on your skin.

Pregnancy is such a sacred time – just think of all the miraculous things that your body is doing!  Nourishing and caring for your body, including making some small tweaks can make a big difference to both your skin, your health and how you feel during pregnancy.

I am so excited to announce that I have included pregnancy and breast-feeding guidelines in my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program.  I explain the best diet practices and the safest supplements to take while pregnant to balance your body and support clear skin.

I loved being pregnant – and I am so excited to share my secrets to look and feel amazing during pregnancy.  But the very best part is the first time they put your baby in your arms.  Honestly, there is nothing like it.  Ever.  Get ready for some serious love. 

To learn more about Pregnancy Acne, click here to watch my latest YouTube video.  

And if you are ready to jump right in and join my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program, click here.

I can’t wait to help you on your clear skin journey!



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