My Inner Naturopathic Beauty Fixes

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My Inner Naturopathic Beauty FixesWhat is Naturopathic Beauty?  Well, naturopathic medicine is all about treating the root cause of an ailment, and I want to approach beauty in the same way.  I want to address  your beauty concerns from the inside out, instead of having you to spend hundreds of dollars on topical beauty treatments that may be filled with toxic chemicals.  Seriously, don’t spend another cent on another acne serum (or hair growth serum, or anti-wrinkle cream, etc.) until you take a look inside and fix the problem for good!  And then, move on with your life.  I am not suggesting you forgo topical treatments totally (because some are awesome and necessary), but be judicious, and take care of yourself.  And stay tuned.

Since deciding to dedicate my practice entirely to Naturopathic Beauty, I have identified three major health concerns that can definitely compromise a glowing complexion, svelte body, and lustrous hair.  I routinely test and evaluate my patients in these areas, and the culprit of many beauty woes is often found and treated successfully. And, the only side effects of my treatments are increased vitality, energy and health!  Here they are, my three inner beauty fixes in a nutshell:

1.  Optimize your digestion and eat foods that are medicine for YOUR body.  Really, it’s not enough to just eat tons of blueberries and salmon to get that ‘glow’.  First, you need to ensure that the foods that you are eating are being absorbed properly.  And if you experience diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, or any other digestive complaint – then chances are you need to take a look at rejuvenating your digestive system.  Secondly, eat foods that suit your particular body type and metabolism.  I have my patients do testing to determine which foods will optimize their metabolism, balance their hormones, and make them feel incredible.

2.  Detox your body.  Properly.  First heal your gut, then do testing to see if you have any heavy metal or environmental toxicities, and then do an individualized detox that supports your liver and provides your body with the nutrients it needs to properly cleanse and eliminate toxins.

3.  Balance your hormones.  Usually following the above two steps can improve your hormones tremendously, but often additional work is needed to bring everything into balance.  I do salivary and/or blood testing with my patients, and depending on the results I start with herbal therapy.  If herbs are not enough, I recommend bioidentical hormones.  Getting your hormones under control can literally change your life (and your skin, and your weight, and your entire outlook on life).

I could honestly write a book on each of these inner beauty fixes, and I definitely plan to explain each one in more detail in future blogs.  I have personally suffered and struggled through each of the above steps, and I know how upsetting it is to face the world feeling less than your best.  I am dedicated to helping everyone find their inner natural beauty.  There is so much for us to talk about!



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