Make-up Tips for Acne

make-up tips

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If you have active acne, chances are you may want to use a bit of make-up to camouflage your break-outs.


But could your make-up be making your acne worse?


YES – absolutely.  Certain liquid foundations and powders can absolutely cause acne, as many of them contain pore-clogging ingredients.


I spent a ton of money on different formulas before I finally found the make-up that worked for me, and after guiding thousands of women through my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program, it is clear that there is one type of make-up – and a few tips that can actually help you heal your acne.  Here are my tips:  


  1. Liquid foundation can aggravate your acne. There are many brands out there that claim their liquid foundation is non-comedogenic, but the truth is most liquid foundations include oils and other  ingredients can be very pore-clogging for women with acne. Often, women with acne have a microbiome imbalance on their skin, which means there can be an overgrowth of certain fungi, specifically malassezia, which can feed off of oil. That’s why an oil-free regime is so important if your skin is prone to acne.
  2. I recommend using a pressed mineral powder foundation. Minerals (especially zinc) can be healing and anti-inflammatory – which means mineral powder can actually help improve your acne.  Bonus – minerals provide extra SPF protection.  A simple make-up change can make a big difference when it comes to preventing clogging.
  3. Use a disposable make-up sponge if you have active acne.  Unless you are washing your make-up brushes daily, bacteria can build up on make-up brushes and aggravate acne.
  4. Spritz the face with a green tea toner after applying mineral powder foundation.  Green tea is amazing for decreasing oil production and acne formation. This is also a great way to avoid the powdery look that powders can often leave.  There are two options: 
    • Brew a strong cup of green tea and allow it to cool.  Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz the face lightly after applying mineral powder.
    • Purchase a bottle of organic lavender hydrosol and add 20 drops of alcohol-free green tea extract for every 100ml of hydrosol.  Spritz the face lightly after applying mineral powder
  5. If you need more coverage, layer more powder after applying the green tea toner.  And then spritz your face lightly again.


And of course, I know your next question – which mineral pressed powder is my favourite?  I have a great list of amazing options in my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program – but I have personally used and loved Mineral Fusion and Jane Iredale Mineral Pressed Powders over the years.  They are fantastic!


Remember, you don’t have to suffer with acne. There’s always a reason for acne, which means there’s always a solution. And my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program has helped thousands of women around the world clear their skin. It has a 90% success rate, and you can learn more about it and learn more tips and techniques to clear your skin in my free Clear Skin Master Class.  I will share some amazing tips and information with you that is going to change your clear skin journey.  I can’t wait to be your guide!






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