How to move your lymph for clear skin.

How To Move Your Lymph
Learn ancient secrets to clearing cystic acne.

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How to move your lymph for clear skin.


Did you know that cystic acne and persistent blemishes can be due in part to lymphatic stagnation? I am going to share some amazing tips to keep your lymph system flowing smoothly for clear skin. But first, let’s talk about the lymphatic system. 




So we’re all super familiar with what our circulatory system looks like. We have blood vessels that run all over the body and guess what –your lymphatic system looks pretty much the same except instead of blood running through the vessels, it’s a clear liquid called lymph.


The lymphatic system is not only critical for our immune health, but it’s also a major organ of detoxification. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a heart which acts as a pump to move the blood through the vessels. Instead, we have to work really hard to keep the lymphatic fluid moving through the lymphatic vessels.   It is extremely common and easy for lymphatic stagnation to occur which affects our ability to detoxify optimally.   This can lead to those cystic blemishes that never come to a head and that seem to take months and months to go away. The solution is to keep your lymphatic system flowing smoothly to prevent any stagnation. I’m going to give you some of my top tips right now: 




  • Drink enough fluid and stay hydrated.  When dehydration occurs the lymphatic fluid is prone to becoming thick and viscous – which means it does not flow through the lymphatic vessels as easily and it is more prone to stagnation.  Instead, the idea is to keep the lymphatic fluid thin so that it flows freely.  Drink at least 1.5 L of filtered water daily.
  • Exercise. Because we don’t have a heart to pump lymphatic fluid through the lymph system, we need to exercise. Exercise is what moves the lymph. When we’re sitting at our desks or sitting on the couch for prolonged periods there is a much higher chance of our lymphatic system stagnating and those cystic blemishes really persisting. So get out every day, at least for an hour. Take a walk, do some yoga – even rebounding is a great lymphatic mover. There are so many activities to choose from – but the bottom line is that you must exercise daily to keep the lymph flowing.




  1. Dry Brushing.  Dry brushing is done right before your shower or bath.  Using a natural-bristled brush, lightly brush your skin in the direction of your heart. You want the strokes to be firm, but gentle. Start with your legs, and then your arms – always brushing towards the heart. This action moves the fluid gently through the lymphatic vessels. It’s manual lymph movement and not only that, but it’s also a great exfoliator for your skin.  Do this all over your body. It should take about one to three minutes. Remember, always brush towards your heart. 
  2. Hydrotherapy.  This can be a bit difficult to do in the winter, but when you commit to it, it makes a massive difference in helping not only your lymph flow, but your blood flow as well. The technique:  In the shower spend three minutes under really warm water and then one minute under cold water. Do this three times. This hot-cold hydrotherapy sequence creates a pumping action in your body as vessels dilate and constrict. This pumping action helps to move the fluids through the lymphatic and circulatory system.  Cold water hydrotherapy is incredibly revitalizing. If you’re a fan of Wim Hof, you know what I mean. If you’re living in Northern Ontario in the winter, you also understand how difficult it is to step into a cold shower. 
  3. Castor oil packs. (Check out my video about castor oil last week on how to do a castor oil pack and the specifics on how castor oil works). Castor oil is one of the few medicines in the world that has an affinity for the lymphatic system. Castor oil has a very low molecular weight, which means it’s able to penetrate deeply into the skin, reach the lymphatic vessels, and help remove stagnation. Castor oil can be used to cure many different ailments and it’s one of the most important naturopathic therapies to keep your lymphatic system healthy.  Be sure to check out my blog post and video explaining how to do castor oil packs!.

When your lymphatic system is functioning optimally, cystic blemishes are prevented and existing blemishes heal much faster.  It is absolutely critical to pay attention to your lymphatic system if you suffer with acne.

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The bottom line is you do not need to suffer with acne. Acne is a sign there’s an imbalance within your body and I can help you balance your body and get rid of your acne for good!


Dr. Stacey   

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