How to have clear skin AND eat chocolate.

How to have clear skin AND eat chocolate.

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The bad news: Chocolate makes acne worse.

The debate has been cleared up by some excellent studies in the past few years.  Acne and chocolate are strongly related, and in one study chocolate was shown to worsen acne by 169%.


That hit me hard because chocolate is my favourite food in the world.  And I will do pretty much anything to keep my skin clear.

The good news: If you have acne there is a way to eat chocolate and have clear skin.

The secret?  You must first reduce inflammation in your body.

Chocolate contains an alkaloid called theobromine, and it has been shown to increase sebum production and clog pores.  In my clinical experience, chocolate can really exacerbate acne in individuals that have a lot of inflammation in their body.

BUT – once the inflammation in the body has been reduced, you can eat small amounts of chocolate without experiencing flare-ups.

How do you reduce inflammation in the body?

Reducing inflammation (and acne) happens when the body is balanced.  Supporting detoxification, balancing insulin and blood sugar levels, healing the gut and reducing stress are some of the main techniques that I use to help my patients get clear skin for good.

Is there a plan I can follow to balance my body and reduce inflammation?

Yes!  My best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program has helped hundreds of women clear their skin and experience the best health of their lives.  It is the only doctor-designed program that will help you heal your acne for good!

For more information click here!

I am so excited to help you on your clear skin journey!

Sending love,

Dr. Stacey Shillington ND

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