How to age beautifully…according to science.

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I want to share a few truths with you:
  1.  We are all aging.  It’s inevitable.
  2.  It is human nature to want to look and feel beautiful – it is in our DNA (think Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece).  Or, better yet, consider that 191.7 billion USD are being spent each year on anti-aging treatments.
  3. The signs of aging, such as fine lines, shadows, hyper-pigmentation, dull skin and wrinkles do not always make us look or feel beautiful.
  4. We have been lead to believe that the only way to counteract the signs of aging include injections, lasers and topical creams.
  5. According to the latest epigenetic research, 90% of the aging process is determined by lifestyle.  Only 10% of the aging process is determined by genetics.
  6. This means that the only true way to age beautifully is from the inside out.
Honestly, I am so excited by the latest epigenetic research that shows us that we have control over our aging process and that it is possible to live your life with minimal wrinkles, firm and glowing skin, and boundless vitality. Science has pin-pointed the main causes of aging, which are as follows:
  1. Mitochondrial decline
  2. Dysregulated microbiome
  3. Toxins
  4. Inflammation
  5. Glycation
  6. Oxidation
  7. Shortened telomeres
  8. Poor methylation
And the great news is that there are techniques available to heal each one of the main causes of aging, which means you are able to have complete control of your aging journey and age beautifully for the rest of your life. I have poured through the latest scientific research and I have put together an easy step-by-step plan that addresses all the major causes of aging.  It includes specific diet, exercise, sleep, detoxification, supplementation, stress-reduction, hormone-balancing and topical skin care techniques that have been scientifically proven to optimize the aging process. Seriously, before you spend another cent on anti-aging treatments that are temporary and expensive you MUST investigate the incredible anti-aging results that you can experience from optimizing your lifestyle.  The results are more beautiful and dramatic than any other treatment out there, and the only side effect is amazing health and vitality! I am so excited to share this plan with you – it is Naturopathic Beauty’s 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program, and it is officially launching this Monday, September 24th! My 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program is the only program of its kind out there – and the results are real!  

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