Healing acne from inside out? 5 Signs your Acne Needs to be Healed from Within

healing acne from inside out
Learn when medications and skincare are not the solution.

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When to start healing acne from inside out?

When my face exploded in acne the first thing I did was run out and purchase all new skincare products.  When that didn’t work, I made an appointment with my dermatologist and was prescribed medication that I didn’t want to take.  Then, in desperation, I tried anything and everything that promised to clear my skin.

After countless tears and more money than I care to acknowledge, I realized that acne was my body’s way of telling me that my body needed to be healed from the inside out.  Battling my acne was not going to help me get rid of it for good.  Instead, I needed to look deeper and heal my body at its deepest level.  My solution – I went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor so I could figure it out!

Acne is a symptom, it is not a diagnosis.  Trying to heal acne by focussing on the skin is not going to yield permanent, glowing results.  Certain treatments may reduce acne temporarily, but sooner or later you will have to deal with acne again – such as when your skin becomes sensitized to your skincare products or you decide to stop your medication.

My approach is different – I want to empower you to heal your body and get rid of your acne for good.  I do not want you to suffer with harmful side effects from medication or unnecessary emotional stress.  And that is why, as a Naturopathic Doctor, my aim is to heal your body naturally, from the inside out.

All acne is a sign of an imbalance, but some acne signals a deeper imbalance than others.  There are five signs that indicate that acne absolutely needs some internal healing – and focussing on skincare and medications will only temporarily reduce the symptoms and ultimately waste your time, energy and create unnecessary emotional trauma. 

Following are 5 signs that acne must be healed from the inside out to completely resolve:

  1. Acne is cystic. I don’t have to tell you that cystic blemishes are deep, painful and clearly caused by something other than poor skincare.  In Naturopathic Medicine we treat any type of cyst as a sign that there is stagnation in the body – and unless inflammation levels are reduced and the organs of elimination are supported, stagnation is going to persist.  Skincare products and acne medications do not solve internal stagnation – and in some cases they can aggravate the stagnation which can lead to even worse acne break-outs when the treatment is discontinued.
  2. Acne appears around your period. If your acne is cyclical, there are clearly hormonal imbalances that need to be solved, and this can only be accomplished by balancing your body deeply.  The most important thing that must be accomplished is establishing an optimal ovulatory cycle – and this definitely cannot be accomplished with skincare or medications.  In fact, some acne medications shut down ovulation completely – which is definitely a temporary solution.  Instead, reducing inflammation, balancing insulin levels, managing stress and supporting detoxification are absolutely necessary for balancing the hormones.
  3. Body Acne. When acne pops up on your chest and back, things are going on.  Specifically, I am referring to an imbalanced microbiome and dysregulated insulin levels.  Both of these situations are entirely manageable, and often they take just as long to address as it takes medication to start working.  Most acne patients start to see real results within three months of starting my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program – and that is often the minimal amount of time a patient needs to be on Accutane to see similar results. The difference – healing your body increases your health and vitality while medications can have serious adverse side effects.  AND – acne often comes back in women that take Accutane and other medications.
  4. You have gut issues AND acne. There is a very strong link between the gut and the skin – the microbiome.  The microbiome is a community of trillions of microbes that are essential to our health.  In fact, an imbalanced microbiome is responsible for up to 90% of all chronic diseases!  Gut issues are usually fairly obvious – gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating – and when they appear in conjunction with acne there is usually a connection.  Heal your gut, heal your acne.  Don’t mess around with this one – gut health regulates the health of your entire body!
  5. You have just come off the pill or other medication. If your acne has exploded after coming off a medication, there is a good chance that inflammation levels in your body need to be managed so that your hormones can start to rebalance themselves optimally and the microbiome and liver can start to heal.  This is true regardless of whether you were taking the birth control pill, spironolactone, anti-biotics or Accutane.  Skincare is not going to solve the problem and help your acne disappear for good. 

Remember, acne is a sign that there is an imbalance in the body and we must address the imbalance so that you can enjoy health and vitality for the rest of your life!  Health is truly our greatest wealth, and acne can be the impetus that inspires shifts that seriously up-level your health, vitality and emotional well-being.

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