Don’t start your healing journey by looking at your hormones!

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I am so guilty of this – both professionally and personally.

For years I would jump right into hormonal testing for my patients – usually on the very first visit.

“I just want to see where your hormones are at before we start treatment.” I would tell them as I sold them VERY expensive hormone panels.

And then the results would come back (btw I always knew what the results would be before we even did the testing – based on their clinical symptoms) and I would start treatment, usually prescribing supplements to target the hormonal imbalances.

The results were mediocre.  The cost was huge.  My patients would feel disappointed and I would feel incredibly frustrated.

And then, one day I had enough.  I started to hate my practice. I felt awful about the expensive testing and treatments that often left everyone disappointed and decided to completely change the way I treated both my acne and anti-aging patients.

I began to work on balancing their body from the foundation for at least a few months before I even considered hormone testing.

The truth is that hormones become dysregulated because the body is inflamed and unbalanced.  Truth, truth, truth.  Once the body is balanced, the hormones simply start to work normally.

This is true for acne patients, patients that want to optimize the aging process, fertility patients, menopausal women, women suffering from PMS – everyone!!!

Now, I only do hormonal testing if symptoms have not resolved after reducing inflammation and balancing the body.

I feel better about practicing this way and the results are so amazing!!

So please don’t jump into hormone testing at the beginning of your healing journey.  Wait – balance your body from the inside out first – and watch everything fall into place beautifully.  For all the deets watch my video below.

To learn how to do this, check out my 7-Week Clear Skin Program and my 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program.  And, if you want even more guidance consider working with me personally via my 1:1 Transformational Beauty Journey – where I am guiding you every step of the way!

Sending love, Dr. Stacey

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