1:1  Acne Care 

I am so excited to offer 1:1 Transformational Beauty Coaching so I can work with you directly no matter where you live!  Through video conferencing systems (which can be easily accessed through the internet) I can connect with you easily.  If you live in Ontario, Canada (where I am licensed to practice naturopathic medicine) I will provide comprehensive care; everything from ordering lab tests, interpreting the results and providing personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.  If you do not live in Ontario, Canada then I am able to act as your Health and Beauty Coach and guide you on your transformational beauty journey.

Case Study:

A.D. had been battling with acne since she was a teenager.  She always thought that it would get better as she got older, but instead she found it getting worse and worse.  A lot of the acne was concentrated around her jaw area and her acne was deep, cystic and painful.  During our initial visit we discussed her diet and lifestyle habits and ran some laboratory tests.  Her lab tests revealed that she had all the markers common in PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), including a high LH:FSH ratio and high testosterone.

We began her treatment by making some simple diet changes, including removing sugar and dairy from her diet.  We also structured her meals so that her insulin levels were stable throughout the day.  Stress was a large part of her life, and I encouraged her to adopt some practices to help her relieve her stress and experience some relaxation daily.  A supplement protocol was also given to her, including herbs to optimize her liver function and reduce her testosterone levels.  Within a few months, A.D.’s acne had pretty much disappeared!

1:1 Coaching – A Transformational Beauty Journey 

If you are interested in working with me personally, I am ready to help you transform your health and beauty from the inside out.  This is the ultimate beauty make-over – and the results are for life, whether you want clear, glowing skin or you want to learn how to age beautifully.

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The 7-Week Clear Skin Program


I know what it is like to have acne literally ruin your life.  You don’t want to see people, you feel like crap, and you stop living the life you were meant to live.  It effects everything.

I have been there, I have felt the pain, and I have solved the problem.  I am going to help you get clear skin, renewed confidence and the ability to fully engage in your life.  I mean it.  Follow my program for 7 weeks and see for yourself!

Learn more about my 7-Week Clear Skin Program here.


The 8-Week Anti-Aging Skin Program


Did you know that how you live affects 90% of the aging process?

This is amazing news, because you can actually learn how to age beautifully – and it all comes from diet and lifestyle.  Forget relying on topical beauty lotion and potions and expensive injections.  REAL, scientifically-proven results come from the inside out.

I have gone through all the latest anti-aging research and put together a program that will help you age beautifully for the rest of your life.  To learn more click here.


Case Study

L.S. was in her early twenties and battling the worst acne break-out that she could remember.  In fact, just a few months ago her skin had been fairly clear.  On further investigation, it turns out that she had been stressed with exams in the last few months, and her digestion was not working that smoothly.  We went through her diet and made some simple changes, eliminating several foods that are known to aggravate acne.  We also included lots of water and fiber, both of which help reduce constipation.  Within a few days her digestion had returned to normal and within a few weeks her skin was pretty clear.

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