Cellulite Treatment Program

Cellulite Treatment Program

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Cellulite is a condition that effects many women, and many suffer needlessly.  There IS a solution for cellulite, and it is a solution that improves your overall health and well-being while flushing the cellulite away.  Naturopathic medicine treats cellulite at its root, fully eliminating the condition permanently if aspects of the program are incorporated into your life.

 Cellulite can be caused by many factors, such as circulatory disorders, being sedentary, poor diet, toxicity, and hormone and enzymatic imbalances.  The Naturopathic Beauty Cellulite Program examines all these contributors and presents each patient with an individualized solution for their cellulite problem.

 How cellulite develops is complex, and it often originates with imbalanced estrogen levels.  Excess estrogen can cause fat to be stored in the body and fluid from the capillaries to permeate into the extracellular space.  This causes a cascade or reactions that eventually leads to enlarged fat cells trapped in abnormal connective tissue – which is the orange-peel skin we call cellulite.

 Treatment Goals of The Cellulite Protocol:

  1. Increase lymphatic and blood circulation
  2. Full body detoxification – especially the fat cells and extracellular space
  3. Rebuild and strengthen the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells
  4. Dissolve sclerotic adhesions that cause dimpling effect
  5. Normalize estrogen levels

What does The Cellulite Protocol Involve?

Although a procedure called mesotherapy is at the heart of the treatment, a lot of internal work must be done to fully correct and eliminate the cellulite.  The body must be balanced.  Herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy and massage are all components of the program, and often these measures must be adhered to for many months to attain desired results.

The initial consultation involves a full naturopathic work-up, and several follow-up appointments may be required to ensure the very best measures are being taken to remove your cellulite.  Often lab tests, hormone testing, and food sensitivity testing can be part of ensuring you are getting the best treatment possible.

Mesotherapy treatments are started once the body is able to detoxify.  The treatments involve the injection of small amounts of homeopathic medicine designed to directly treat the cellulite.  Mesotherapy has been used widely used in Europe and South America since 1952 to treat cellulite, pain management, and facial rejuvenation.


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