How to use castor oil packs to heal acne.

castor oil for face
Learn exactly how to do castor oil packs to heal your acne.

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How to use castor oil packs to heal acne

If you are already part of my 7-Week Clear Skin Program then you know how strongly I recommend castor oil for face as a spot treatment, especially for cystic pimples.

But you may not know that castor oil is one of the most effective medicines in the world – especially when it is used via the famous castor oil pack.  And it can be very helpful if you are suffering with acne.

Castor oil is an incredibly powerful medicine – and it is also one of the oldest medicines out there, dating back at least 6000 years.  Thanks to its high levels of ricinoleic acid (almost 85% – 95%), it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent.  And even though it has a thick and sticky consistency, it has a very low molecular weight, which means it is able to easily penetrate through the skin and deep into the tissues, where it is able to provide deep healing.

The one organ system that castor oil has a special affinity for is the lymphatic system.  Often overlooked, the lymphatic system consists of a system of vessels (similar to blood vessels) that thread through the entire body, and the lymphatic organs, which include the lymph nodes, thymus, the adenoids, the tonsils and the spleen. 

Because the lymphatic system is key to helping our body detoxify properly and keeping our immune system strong, frequent and common stagnation in this system can deeply affect our health. Castor oil is one of the only medicines out there that is able to reduce lymphatic stagnation in our body and improve the body’s ability to function optimally.

Castor oil is also famous for its ability to solve constipation and help all things related to the reproductive system – including ovarian cysts, PMS, menstrual irregularities and PCOS.  And due to its anti-microbial properties, castor oil can break down bacterial and fungal biofilms and help reset the microbiome.

Taking all these incredible benefits into consideration, it is clear that castor oil is ideal for helping acne patients – many of the root causes of acne are addressed.

What is a castor oil pack?

The castor oil pack is critical to maximizing the benefits of castor oil.  It helps to facilitate the deep penetration of castor oil into our body’s tissues – and it is far more effective than simply applying castor oil on its own. 

In order to deeply heal and restore the lymphatic system, the reproductive system, the digestion and the microbiome, castor oil needs to actually reach these systems in our body.  Simply applying castor oil to the skin is not enough – we need to facilitate its penentration, which is done through heat and compression.

How do you do a castor oil pack?

When I was studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor, doing castor oil packs was complicated and messy (for me, anyways).  In order to create the perfect environment to allow castor to penetrate into the body, we used layers of flannel, saran wrap, heating bottles and castor oil.  It was a bit exhausting.

Now, doing a castor oil pack is much easier.  Thanks to my amazing colleague Dr. Marisol ND, she has come up with an incredible castor oil pack design – all you have to do is apply the castor oil to your ideal area and cover with her castor oil pack, which has both a flannel and plastic layer.

Where exactly do you apply the castor oil pack?  If you suffer from constipation or period / PCOS issues, apply the pack over the lower abdomen.  If you have digestion issues, apply the pack over your stomach area, and if you need help detoxifying, place the pack under your right ribcage, in the liver area.

Leave the castor oil pack on for at least an hour, and ideally over night.

If you are just starting to use castor oil packs, start slowly.  One or two times a week for an hour is more than enough, and eventually you can increase the frequency and duration of your castor oil pack.  If you start doing your castor oil pack too much too soon, you could create a healing crisis, often characterized by an acne break-out.

To check out Dr Marisol’s amazing castor oil pack, click here.


Avoid doing a castor oil pack on your abdomen during your period, as it can increase the amount of bleeding.  It is also not advised to do a castor oil pack over the abdomen if you are pregnant.

How do you use castor oil without the castor oil pack?

I am not a huge fan of smearing castor oil all over your face if you are prone to fungal acne – it can make it far worse! 

But using castor oil as a spot treatment is really incredible – especially on cystic blemishes.  This is because it is able to penetrate deeply and help break-up the stagnation that can lead to cystic blemishes.

Which castor oil should you use?

Castor oil should be organic and stored in a dark glass bottle.  My favourite brand is Queen of Thrones, which you can find here.

Is a castor oil pack all you need to solve your acne?

Castor oil packs are going to help heal your acne – but it is still important to combine this therapy with the right diet and proper supplementation to achieve optimal results.  There is not a magic solution for acne – acne is a complex medical condition that needs to be addressed in multiple ways.

If you are suffering with acne, my 7-Week Clear Skin Program will give you a solid strategy to help you get clear skin, naturally – for good.  To learn more about my program and how it can help you click here.

Okay – I’m off to do my castor oil pack now!


Dr. Stacey

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