Beauty Secret #1 – Mesotherapy for Facial Rejuvenation

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Hello Natural Beauties,

Let’s talk beauty secrets.  Particularly, the beauty secrets of European and South American women.  How do they do it?  Espresso and baguette for breakfast, lots of dairy, late nights sipping wine – they break all the nutrition rules – and yet many of these women look absolutely stunning.  Beautiful skin, minimal lines and wrinkles, no cellulite or fat deposits.  It is simply genetics, or is it Mesotherapy?

That’s right.  Mesotherapy.  So misunderstood in North America.  It’s feared, doubted, and simply ignored.  Yet practiced by over 10,000 doctors in Europe alone.  Mesotherapy, my beauties, is your gateway to natural, unparalleled stunningness (not sure if stunningness is a word, but you get my meaning).   And combined with the Naturopathic Beauty Program – your beauty potential will be fulfilled!  Truly.

So what exactly is Mesotherapy?  It is micro-injections of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and homeopathics into the dermal layer of the skin.  It is like infusing the skin with nutrition, and the results are real and dramatic.  Topical preparations may drift through the layers of the epidermis, but to get nutrition into the dermis is how anti-aging magic really happens.  In Europe, Mesotherapy is used for various medical conditions, however pain management and aesthetics are the two most popular uses .  I personally use Mesotherapy for facial revitalization, cellulite removal, alopecia, and lipolysis (dissolution of fat deposits) in my practice.

So let’s talk about facial revitalization.  I will save the topics of cellulite and fat deposit removal for another blog (or you can check out my website at

Aging is a reality.  No matter how diligently you take care of your health, you cannot totally escape the ravages of gravity and time.  There is always a point in time when you look in the mirror and realize a little help may be needed.   For many, that help may be Botox and Fillers.  But for us Natural Beauties, we want something natural and effective that helps to repair and heal the damage that has been done.  We want beauty from the inside out, and that is exactly what Mesotherapy offers. It is so exciting!

The cocktail that is used in facial revitalization includes hyaluronic acid (non cross-linked), DMAE, Organic silica, amino acids, collagen, elastin, and glutathione.  This combination actually repairs and improves the health of the dermal layer of the skin.  The hyaluronic acid increases the moisture of the skin, and can assist with plumping and lifting the skin.  The other ingredients enhance skin regeneration and improve the tone and colour.  Wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigementation and sagging can be eliminated with a course of Mesotherapy treatments.  I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it makes sense!!  The body wants to heal itself (according to Hippocrates, at least), and given the proper nutrition and naturopathic protocols, results are always obtained.  Why would this not be true for the signs of facial aging?

BTW – using Botox and fillers will improve lines and wrinkles, and plump out the face, but it will not achieve the ‘healthy glow’ that Mesotherapy delivers.  There is no nutrition being given to the skin, and no actual skin repair and regeneration is happening.  So even if you do use Botox and fillers, you can benefit from Mesotherapy.  Your skin will look healthier, and you will eventually need to use less Botox and fillers.

So, Natural Beauties, don’t be afraid to explore Mesotherapy as a beauty tool.  And don’t be scared of the needles.  A bit of numbing cream and a light hand will yield a totally tolerable experience.  The results are worth it!  And please, if you have any questions, ask!



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