Mitochondria: The Key to Aging Beautifully

It all happens from within, believe me!

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Mitochondria: The Key to Aging Beautifully

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am obsessed with the science of aging beautifully – naturally, from the inside out.  In fact, we can control 90% of the aging process through diet and lifestyle, which is incredibly exciting.  Botox, fillers, serums, lasers and other expensive anti-aging treatments will never give you the results of healing and optimizing your health from within.  And as I get closer to my 50th birthday, I am excited to report that aging beautifully from the inside out is real – and it feels great.

When I was in my early 40s, I was noticing the signs of aging taking over pretty rapidly. So I took a deep dive into the latest research and I put together an anti-aging protocol for myself that really works. 


If there is one thing that a successful anti-aging protocol needs to address, it is the health of the mitochondria.  In the past 5 years, the research about mitochondria and its effect on aging has exploded:

Instead of looking for the next great moisturizer or the next great anti-aging treatment, you have to focus on the health of your mitochondria.  This is because the mitochondria determine how we age. 


The mitochondria are organelles that are in each and every single cell of your body. And if you remember anything from high school chemistry, the mitochondria produce ATP –the source of energy for all the cells in your body.

Over about the last five years, there has been a huge boom in research and we now know that the health of the mitochondria determines the aging process in our body. There is a statistic that says 90% of the aging process is determined by diet and lifestyle. And what we are really talking about is the health of your mitochondria. If you can keep your mitochondria healthy, you will have glowing skin, you’ll have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and you won’t have to rely on creams and injections and treatments to keep you looking healthy and beautiful.


So let’s talk a little bit about why the mitochondria decline in the first place. What makes them not work properly? 

  • mutations
  • exposures to toxins like pollutants, heavy metals, prescription drugs
  • oxidative damage -oxidative damage happen anytime we are exposed to any of these toxins and it also just occurs on a day-to-day basis as our body goes through its normal physiological function


  1. Cells start to die. That is never a good idea when you are trying to look and feel as youthful and as beautiful as possible. You don’t want too many cells to be dying too quickly. 
  2. Chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a huge factor in aging. In fact, it even has its own term, inflammaging
  3. Stem cell activity decreases.
  4. Decline in organ and tissue function.

Everything that has been mentioned is incredibly important to keep our body healthy and functioning optimally to keep us looking and feeling as beautiful as possible.


Now you are asking, “Well, how do I keep my mitochondria working optimally? What do I do?” 

There are four main things that you need to keep in mind when thinking about the health of your mitochondria.

  1. Reduce your exposure to toxins and support your body’s ability to detoxify optimally. I focus on this a lot in my 7-week Clear Skin Program and even more in my 8-Week Aging Beautifully Program. Detoxification is key to protecting our mitochondria from all the things that can potentially damage this beautiful, amazing, wonderful organelle. 
  2. Consume a nutrient dense diet. As dense as possible because we need to consume vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants that are going to protect our mitochondria and help them function optimally.
  3. Take nutrients and supplements.  There are a lot of really great nutrients and supplements that specifically target and increase the function and the efficiency of the mitochondria. I have researched these and I have a handful that I really love and I really promote.  And these, I share with you in my Eight-week Aging Beautifully Program. So to learn about these supplements which I take on a regular basis and I honestly do never want to live without, be sure to check out my program
  4. Building muscle mass.  This is something you can start right today. There is a lot of research that shows the more we build our muscle mass by engaging in exercise and weightlifting, the more ATP our body produces. And that means that our mitochondria are working better and they are working more efficiently.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to putting together an effective protocol to optimize the aging process.  In fact, in my 8-Week Aging Beautifully Program I have eight modules of incredible information to share with you. All this information is going to help your body function optimally so that you can age beautifully from the inside out. That is where the magic happens and that is how you start to really glow. That is where you get firm skin. That is how you prevent wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.  That is how you keep your body really lean, really strong, and your brain sharp. It all happens from within, believe me! Do not waste any more money on anti-aging serums, on treatments, on makeup. Stop right there! Let’s get our inner house in order first and then you will have to spend way less on all those other things I promise you.

It is my mission to help you get clear skin and age beautifully from the inside out. 

P.S. – My 8-Week Aging Beautifully Program only goes on sale three times a year, and it is on sale right now!  I have priced it at an incredible price (it is 60% off!!)  because I want as many people as possible to have this information – it is going to benefit you for decades. Implementing my protocol is going to up-level your life for the rest of your life and I can’t wait for you to experience it! It is really my gift to you. 

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