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acne face map

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What Is An Acne Face Map?

Acne face map tells about your acne’s root causes and helps you identify the core issues behind your acne. To make it more straightforward, it is a road map that pinpoints the underlying issues in other parts of your body. Suppose acne is on your cheek area. In that case, it means that your microbiome is imbalanced, and therefore, your gut is not working ideally. So the acne face map covers almost your entire face, and each area of your face with acne indicates a different health-related issue in your body.

Your skin will often break out in particular on your face, and those areas are sometimes related to specific organ systems in your body. It Means that Your acne is telling you that there are particular imbalances from within that you need to address

Before breaking this accurate acne map/chart, I would love to tell you a little about the acne map history. Acne face map originates from Chinese medicine theory because the Chinese have nailed diagnosis by observing the human body. They’re fantastic at deciphering the pulses and looking at the tongue because there are different places in the tongue that are related to other organs systems and their ability to diagnose what is going on in your body by looking at your tongue is incredible.


Breaking Down This Acne Face Map.

So, let’s break this accurate acne map down into different parts and discuss each zone of your face one by one


Neck and Ears

If you tend to break out a lot on your neck, that can mean that there’s some lymphatic stagnation in your body, which is the same for the ears. Using a Jade roller in those areas is helpful. My favorite is using homeopathy to get the lymphatic system moving. It works amazingly well. It’s complex homeopathy. I go over it in my seven-week clearer skin program, and it makes a difference.

Jaw Line

This is a notorious place for hormonal acne to pop up, and if you have acne in this area, your hormones need to be balanced. The best way to balance your hormones is to reduce inflammation in your body.
My seven-week clearer skin program goes through this in detail. Still, when you have low inflammation in your body, your ovaries follicles can mature optimally. When you ovulate, your body will produce adequate progesterone, and that’s what you need to get that hormonal balance.

Chin Area

If you have acne on your cheek area, this means that your microbiome is imbalanced. Therefore your gut is not working ideally. That’s a big one, or you have poor detoxification in the body, supporting the liver is number one and supporting the lymph.

Between the Eyebrows

If you have breakouts here, chances are they may be stress-related. There’s a very, very important Chinese acupuncture point right in between the eyebrows. It’s called Yin Tang, and it just relieves stress automatically. So again, going back to stress management, I have a whole program in my seven-week clearer skin program.


So the forehead, food intolerances, poor detoxification, and stress. I see it all happening in the forehead. Sometimes people have. I know for me, I’ll tell you me, whenever I eat dairy, my forehead breaks out immediately.
So we always have to go back to the underlying root cause of the acne, reduce inflammation in your body, so your skin isn’t sensitive. So I hope that was helpful.

So we always have to go back to the underlying root cause of the acne, reduce inflammation in your body so your skin isn’t sensitive. So I hope that was helpful.


Thank you so much,

Dr. Stacey Shillington ND

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