Face Mapping: What Is An Acne Face Map — And Is it Accurate?

acne face map

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Acne breakout is usually thought to result from clogged pores, a buildup of sebum, and most commonly, a bacterial infection. However, according to the ancient Chinese acne face map theory, acne blemishes on the face connect to the underlying health-related issues on the other parts of the body ranging from poor detoxification, stress, lymphatic stagnation, food intolerance among other factors.

 So, what is an acne face map? Read on to learn about face mapping and how you can use this technique to help you clear acne naturally.

What Is an Acne Face Map?

Acne face mapping is an ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine theory that links acne breakouts on your face to other underlying health-related issues on the different parts of your body.

Since the Chinese would make a diagnosis by accessing the human body, face breakout theory focuses on pulses and face health to give them a clue of the functions of the other organ systems in the body. In short, this technique acts as a roadmap to access your overall health by linking where the acne appears on your face to an underlying internal problem.

Thus, acne in your cheek area is tied to microbiome imbalances, which means your gut might not be working as it should be, while a breakout in your forehead results from digestive system issues. In a nutshell, an acne face map holds the belief that your entire face is a reflection of specific organ systems.

Acne face mapping will also help pinpoint the possible core issues that trigger breakouts such as hormones, which play a vital role in the acne breakout. It also points out the imbalances within your body that need to be taken into consideration.

If you do find you have a particular trend of pimples popping up within a specific spot on your face, think of comparing the acne map/chart to help you diagnose the root of your skin imperfections.

Acne Face Map Break Down

Acne develops in different face zones, wherein certain zones may be more prone to breakouts than others. According to this theory, various health problems trigger the breakouts of whiteheads and blackheads in specific face zones. And even though there have been conflicting opinions on whether an acne face map is an accurate tool to diagnose underlying health problems, this technique can help you improve your skin’s health. 

I have been using Acne Face Mapping for years, and although it can be helpful to confirm what is causing the underlying cause of acne, I do not depend on it for a definitive diagnosis – this technique is by no means infallible!

Wondering what organs/systems acne corresponds to on different areas of the face?  Here goes:


According to Chinese acne mapping, pimple breakouts in your jawline is a variant indicator that your reproductive health and hormones are out of whack.

Hormonal fluctuations in the body result in inflammation making the skin sensitive and rise to acne flares. For women, hormonal flare-ups might also occur some days before a woman’s period or after.

The best approach to assuage hormonal acne is first to reduce the inflammation in your body. Reduced inflammation in the body will contribute to your ovary follicle’s maturity. Low inflammation also ensures adequate production of the progesterone hormones in the body, especially when you ovulate. 

To learn more about hormonal balances, my 7-week Clear Skin Program will help you discover how hormonal imbalances present themselves and the natural and permanent solutions.

Chin Area

Chin break-outs speak to microbiome imbalances, which means your gut may be to blame, or perhaps poor detoxification.

Poor diets, including excessive intake of high-carbs and dairy products can cause gut imbalances, microbiome imbalances, and liver stress – which can result in acne.  

My 7-Week Clear Skin Program addresses diet, gut health and detoxification support, which will all help eliminate chin break-outs!

Between the Eyebrows

Breakouts between your eyebrows can be linked to stress. Lack of sleep, unexpressed anger or too many late nights can be the main culprit of your breakout foes. Stress hormones cause a spike in the production of oil glands in acne prone areas. And since there are more oil glands between the brows, this leads to acne breakouts.

Between the eyebrows sits a Chinese acupuncture point called Yin Tang, which is a game-changer in relieving stress. Applying pressure on this point will help you ease stress automatically. My 7-Week Clear Skin Program features an entire program dedicated to helping you manage stress and stress-induced break-outs.


According to Chinese medicine, if you suddenly experience forehead flare-ups, consider reevaluating your liver health and digestion. Your diet can impact your general skin health — if it isn’t well-balanced or you’re eating food that doesn’t agree with you, your forehead might break out immediately.

Identifying foods your body is intolerant to, clearing up junk food from your diet, and switching to gluten-free foods and less refined sugar intake will do wonders for your forehead. In addition, regularly detoxify your liver to reduce inflammation and reduce the chance of skin sensitivity.

Neck and Ears

In Chinese face mapping, neck and ear breakouts may indicate lymphatic stagnation in your body.

Generally, lymph nodes filter the fluid, trapping bacteria, viruses, and foreign substances. Stagnation or blockages in these nodes can mitigate the filtration process, increasing the number of toxins in the blood and lymph system.

There are many lymph nodes situated in the head and neck region, and any lymph stagnation in this area can lead to acne around the ears and neck.  

Fortunately, you can stimulate sluggish lymph nodes to improve your face’s appearance naturally by adding a quick facial massage to your skin-care routine.

You can also opt to use a Jade roller in those areas. I love to use complex homeopathy to get the lymphatic system moving, which I detail in my 7-Week Clear Skin Program.


Understanding the root cause of your acne is the only way to solve acne permanently.  Through laboratory testing and a deep understanding of the symptoms your body is experiencing, identifying what is really causing your acne is not difficult.

In my clinical practice I often use Chinese Face Mapping to help me affirm my diagnosis – I never base my diagnosis on face mapping alone.  My 7-Week Clear Skin Program includes an Acne Assessment Tool that will help you identify the root cause of your acne so you know exactly which steps you need to take to get clear skin for good!

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