Should You Heal Your Acne Before Falling Pregnant?


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Are you thinking about babies but still battling break-outs?  If so, you may want to make healing your acne a priority before you start trying to conceive.  Acne is usually a sign of a hormonal imbalance, and balanced hormones make getting and staying pregnant a whole lot easier.  


We all know that there is a hormonal component to acne – especially when acne tends to cycle with our period.  The most common hormonal acne pattern tends to occur within a week to a few days before the onset of bleeding and it often presents itself along the jawline and chin.


And, like all symptoms, acne is communicating an imbalance within the body.  Specifically, a hormonal imbalance.


Of course, many women with acne have incredibly successful pregnancies and cute babies – but there are also many women with acne that have a difficult time getting pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy.  The reason?  Low progesterone.


Progesterone is critical to maintaining clear skin and getting pregnant.  It is a critical pregnancy hormone because it prepares the uterus for implantation of a fertilized egg, and it also maintains the pregnancy. If you have low progesterone, you are less likely to fall pregnant and more likely to experience a miscarriage. 


And, of course, I bring you this information not only as a Naturopathic Doctor, but also as a woman who has lived through both hormonal acne and multiple miscarriages.  


Like so many women, I wanted to become a mom with all my heart – and even though I was still battling break-outs around my cycle I decided to try to fall pregnant regardless.  What ensued was three painful miscarriages – and a few years of sadness and stress.  Finally, I pulled the plug on my pregnancy plans until I had balanced my body and cleared my skin.  And then – two beautiful baby boys happened! 


Healing your hormonal acne and balancing your hormones before falling pregnant will actually save you time, energy, money and trauma – take it from me.  


The secret? Optimizing your progesterone levels.


So how do you actually increase your progesterone levels? 

  • lower inflammation
  • heal your gut
  • support the organs of detoxification
  • balance your insulin levels
  • ensure that you’re eating an anti-inflammatory and super nourishing diet


If you want to learn more about how I address acne in all my patients, including my patients with premenstrual acne that are considering conception, check out my Free Clear Skin Masterclass. The link is below. You are going to learn some new things, some very interesting and surprising things, and it will help you start your clear skin journey right away.


So wishing you tons of luck and I’m so excited to guide you on your clear skin journey and successful pregnancy. Be sure to click the link below. Remember, there’s always a reason for acne, which means there’s always a solution, and it is my specialty to guide you on this journey!



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