5 Things you must do before you get off the pill

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Maybe you want to have a children, maybe you’re sick of the side effects of the birth control pill, and maybe you’re nearing your 40’s. You know, whatever the reasons, we can’t stay on the birth control pill forever.

How is it stopping your acne from showing up? There are two classes of a pill.

One is a pill that has a high androgen index, and this is not the pill you were prescribed if you are experiencing acne. If you do have acne and you are on the pill, you were prescribed a pill with a low androgen index.

I’m talking about blood clots, which is a really big and worrisome side effect that affects so many women out there, and honestly, they’re not even really aware that it’s the pill that’s causing this massive depression that they’re experiencing. Insulin dysregulation and also low libido.

These are some side effects that you can experience from the pill, and they’re a big deal, right? So, it’s shutting down your natural hormone production, but it’s also reducing the number of androgens that your body is producing, and it’s also seriously suppressing sebum production in your body, and in your skin especially.

That’s the main mechanism of action of why the pill is reducing your acne. It’s because it’s shutting down the sebum production.

These are the five things you must do before you get off the pill.

1. It does not shut off sebum production anymore, so you are going to have a surge of sebum production. If you don’t know what sebum is, it’s basically oil. 

You’re going to have a surge of oil being produced in your skin, and your ovaries can also start producing excess as they start working again because when you’re on the pill, your ovaries are not working.

You are not ovulating. So, when you go off the pill, two things happen that lead to post-pill acne. I’ve helped many, many women get off the pill, and I have a formula to help you do this.

2. Regulating your blood sugar and your insulin levels. The pill can cause insulin dysregulation, so you have to be very particular about what you eat and when you eat, and how you eat so that your glucose and your insulin levels are regulated very well.

3. You have to heal your gut and balance microbiome. These are all things that have to be done before you get off the pill.

When you have inflammation in the body, and research is now telling us that gut is the source of inflammation when gut is not balanced, so you have to really get rid as much inflammation as possible in your body before you go off the pill.

4. Manage your stress. When stress is experienced in individuals that are susceptible to acne, these are three pathways that are triggered that lead directly to acne, three. There’s really significant, so managing stress, learning how to do that, and healing the adrenal glands are another really big thing you need to do before going off the pill.

5. Getting yourself on a really gentle skincare protocol so your moisture barrier is intact, your skin is very healthy, so it’s not vulnerable, irritation and more prone to breakouts.

So, those are the five things your must do to heal your body, and do these things for at least one month, or maybe even two before going off the pill. 


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