5 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Clear Skin

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5 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Clear Skin

Getting rid of your acne for good means changing the way that you approach healing. The same old things that we have been doing for decades – harsh skincare, medications, and expensive treatments – are not giving us permanent relief from acne. 

We need to change the paradigm for healing acne – and recognize that acne is a medical condition, not just a skin problem. Acne seriously affects us physically, emotionally and mentally – and research now shows that acne is not just a skin problem, but a complex hormonal and inflammatory condition that can lead to more serious medical conditions. 

So let’s start by ditching some out-dated beliefs about acne treatment – and start truly solving acne by balancing the body from the inside out. It is the only way to solve acne for good. 

1. Acne needs to dried out, peeled off and aggressively managed – Think of your blemished skin as a part of your body that needs to be healed and balanced instead. 

2. Acne medications are the only solution – They don’t truly heal acne, they are temporary fixes and they can lead to even worse acne when you stop them. 

3. Expensive and complicated skincare regimes and treatments are necessary – Less is always more when it comes to acne 

4. Acne is just a skin problem – acne is actually your body’s way 

5. My acne is hopeless – there is always a reason for acne, which means there is always a solution. 

Acne can always be solved I am ugly and unloveable – you have got this. You don’t have to live with acne anymore. You are beautiful, light-filled being that can heal.


Dr. Stacey xo

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