So just as most of you are settling into your fall routines – I am heading off on vacation!  It seems a bit funny, but my husband barely had time to breathe this summer.  In fact, he rarely even had a weekend free.  So this is our chance to take some time as a family and head off to Italy for some culture and time by the sea.

I am a bit frazzled today – trying to get everyone packed and to the airport, but I thought I would take a few minutes to share what I pack for a European vacation, including all my supplements and skin care.  It is really quite stream-lined compared to how I used to travel!

I am also going to share my travel philosophy with you. I have an extremely sensitive body so travel can be difficult for my nervous system.  Keeping my body healthy and feeling good is my top priority so that I can have tons of energy and keep up with my crazy boys.

So everything is included in the video below!  Enjoy.

Now that I have my supplements and skin care packed I need to think about my wardrobe – and everything else that a mom has to think about when travelling.  Eeek!!  Gotta go. xoxo.


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